Mees Peijnenburg

We Will Never Be Royals (mid length film)

We Will Never Be Royals (mid length film)

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We Will Never Be Royals (mid length film)


What Tomas, a withdrawn seventeen-year-old and his fiery sister Naomi would really like to get out of life, is hard to find in the tough world of Child Protection, in which they just about manage to hold their own. After a dramatic incident, they gradually realise what their most important source of support is. They will never be Royals, but as a brother and sister they have each other.


Jonas Smulders, Olivia Londsdale

Director - Mees Peijnenburg
Writer - Mees Peijnenburg & Bastiaan Kroeger
Producer - Pupkin Film
Line Producer - Sabine Smits, Aemilia van Lent
Cinematographer - Jasper Wolf
Production Design - Elza Kroonenberg
Editor - Imre Reutelingsperger
Sound Design - Taco Drijfhout
Composer - Ella van der Woude, Juho Nurmela
Grading - Job te Veldhuis


- Netherlands Film Festival, Won: Golden Calf Best Television Drama & Golden Calf Best Actor in Television Drama 
- Silhouette Film Festival, France, Won: Audience Award
- 2ANNAS Film Festival, Latvia 
- Konstanzer, Germany, Won: Audience Award
- Regards sur Courts, France
- Guanajuato International Film Festival, Mexico
- Cinema in Sneakers – Film Festival for Children & Youth, Poland